eve taylor oils

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy which treats the mind, body and spirit.  True aromatherapy is not about scent, it is about the therapeutic use of essential oils.  Essential oils are the life force of a plant.  Plants produce essential oils for many reasons, ranging from disease prevention to reproduction.  The effect of essential oils in plants translates over into the human body.

Internationally recognized as the “gold standard” in essential oils for nearly 40 years, Eve Taylor essential oils are the exclusive essential oils used by Balance Day Spa.


Tranquility– Your treatment will begin with Eve Taylor relaxing oils.  Next you will enjoy reflexology, followed by manual lymphatic drainage, decollate massage and a heavenly facial massage.  Pure Bliss!  $130.00


Unity–  The ultimate enhancement for your facial treatment!  Enjoy all of the many benefits of relaxing oils, custom-selected face oils, manual lymphatic drainage and reflexology.  This aromatherapy treatment may be added on to any of our facials.  $30.00