Skin Care

eminence borderWhen your skin is in balance, it is healthy and glowing.  At Balance Day Spa, we provide you with customized skin care treatments to leave you with a beautiful complexion.

World-renowned for their excellence since the 1950’s, Eminence Organic Skincare is the exclusive skin care line used by Balance Day Spa.



Organic Balance Facial (75m)– The iconic Balance Day Spa facial and, by far, our most popular choice…now in a 100% organic format! This classic European, deep-pore cleansing facial is fully customized to your individual skin care needs.  Featuring a Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant and a Blueberry Detox Firming Peel, this facial delivers serious results. Add to this a whole host of custom-selected, organic fruit and vegetable-based: moisturizers, treatment masques, eye creams and sunscreens and you’ve got an organic powerhouse of a facial!  $150.00

Organic Quench Facial (75m)– This super-hydrating, anti-aging organic facial is the answer to a dehydrated skin’s prayers! Featuring an Arctic Berry Radiance Peel, multiple layers of hydrating masks plus a slew of hand-selected organic products…this facial is a great way to care for dry, dehydrated or weather-sensitized skin of any maturity level.  $180  

Organic Pure Facial (75m)- A NEW classic!  This mega-detoxifying facial, now in an all-organic format, will leave your skin glowing for days!  Through the use of facial cupping, your skin will benefit from increased circulation and oxygenation, improved lymphatic drainage, overall brightening and more.  (*Please Note: Facial cupping is NOT appropriate for those individuals: with heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure or who are taking prescription blood thinners.)  $180.00 


*Our anti-aging facials incorporate peels.  We care about the health of your skin; therefore these facials are only available from October through April.

Organic Wisdom Facial (75m)– This organic anti-aging facial will leave you with immediately visible results. Featuring an Arctic Berry Radiance Peel, a Citrus and Kale treatment plus a complement of custom-selected organic products…your skin will look brighter, fresher and more youthful!  $180

Organic Resurrection Facial (105m)– Through the combination of  gentle resurfacing, intensive hydration and the Traditional Chinese Medicine art of Gua Sha for facial and neck rejuvenation, this treatment is something special.  This amazing organic facial will literally resurrect your face!  $215.00


Organic Youth Facial (45m)– This purifying organic mini-facial is a great choice for teens or anyone wishing to detoxify their skin.  A deep-pore cleansing is followed by a purifying mask.  $110.00

Organic Brevity Facial (45m)– This organic mini-facial is a great option for anyone attempting to find balance in their busy schedule.  Includes a cleansing, balancing, massage and mask.  $110.00


Organic Reverse Facial (45m)– This targeted organic treatment will leave you with the confidence to show off your back!  $110.00


Unity (15m)–  The ultimate enhancement for your facial treatment!  Enjoy all of the many benefits of relaxing oils, cutom-selected face oils, manual lymphatic drainage and reflexology.  This aromatherapy treatment may be added on to any of our facials.  $30.00

Gua Sha (15m)– This ancient anti-aging massage hails from Traditional Chinese Medicine and is performed with a jade stone; amazing for facial and neck rejeuvenation.  This treatment may be added on to any of our facials.  $30.00