“StudioFX only works with the best in the industry and Balance Day Spa is just that!  We strongly recommend, and will continue to recommend, all of our clients to seek out Balance Day Spa for “top of the line” services and products when it comes to skin care, beauty and quality!  Be sure to ask for Allison for your next custom facial!”

-Harry Jefferson, Celebrity Make-Up Artist

•  •  •

“One word: Amazing.  The environment is relaxing and Allison, the owner, is so great.  She knows what she’s doing and you can’t go wrong with going to this spa.  Every dollar you spend is worth it.  I got the Brazilian Bikini Wax for the first time and I survived (which I didn’t think I would be able to do).  Love it!”

-Nicole B., Purchase

•  •  •

“I rarely ever take the time to write a review online (I think I’ve written two in my entire life) but after my visit to Balance Day Spa in White Plains today I just had to. I was extremely impressed with this business – I have gotten facial services at other spas before and I must say this one trumps them all. Earlier in the week I was researching spas in the Westchester area and Balance Day Spa came up in the searches. After reading all of the rave reviews of the place I decided to make an appointment. The day of my facial I was happy to find out that the business had free parking behind the building (not having to pay for parking in White Plains is amazing) so I was happy with that. The spa waiting room smelled amazing and I couldn’t really put my finger on what the scent was (maybe lemon and sage? anyway, it was very pleasant). The business has a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere which I look for in a spa. I met the owner, Allison, who is extremely friendly and personable. Then I met a woman, Nazmie, who was going to be doing my facial (also extremely friendly as well). I felt like I was in good hands. Compared to any other facial service I have ever received, this was the most relaxing, calming, and best smelling facial I have ever gotten! Even the music was great – I almost fell asleep at one point it was that relaxing! Along with the amazing mixtures of products that were used throughout the facial, Nazmie’s extractions were so thorough I had trouble finding any blackheads on my face after I left (embarrassed to say there were a lot beforehand – but just goes to show how thorough of a job she did). When it was all over, I literally felt like I had new skin. My skin felt like it could breathe! I told Nazmie that I would be definitely coming back next month – she and I discussed what type of facial would be best to get next time. If you are looking for a great, relaxing, and thorough facial in the Westchester area then this is definitely the place to go. I will be recommending this place to all of my family and friends. Balance Day Spa did not disappoint!”

Lauren M., Briarcliff Manor

•  •  •

“I’ve been going to Balance Day Spa for almost a year now.  I started for waxing.  Allison does a phenomenal Brazilian and Eyebrow waxing.  She is amazingly meticulous and takes the time to make sure everything is absolutely perfect.  She shaped my eyebrows giving me a very natural arch– I never noticed what a difference a perfectly proportioned eyebrow can make to help shape your face until I met Allison!

After a few months of going for waxing, I decided to try a facial!  Well, let me tell ya– she puts the same care in her facials as she does in her waxing.  After an hour and a half of wonderful facial pampering, I left with my face glowing!  Seriously the best facial I have ever had!  She also told me what skin care products would work best with my skin and within just a few weeks of using the products, my skin has never looked better!  My skin is more evenly toned and has just a natural glow to it all the time now!  I never got complimented on my skin– not that it was bad but it was just nothing special.  Now, I get at least one compliment a week!  Unreal!  So obviously, I recommend Balance Day Spa to anyone interested in a perfect waxing and a glowing face!”

-Stefania M., Bronxville

•  •  •


“Dear Allison, I knew you would beautify me, but I had no idea how you would also beautify my whole morning experience on my wedding day.  You were calm, cool and collected, and organized.  Caring and conscientious just like I knew you would be!  You have incredible talents and I am so grateful to you for being there beside me on our special day.  You are a beautiful person inside and out and I am so glad we found each other!  Love, Tara”

-Tara D., White Plains

•  •  •

“Forgive me it’s been 2 years since my last review – hey I’ve been coming here for 5 and a half years.  For the first time since Balance Day Spa opened, I had a facial with a different person. Now I know why Allison waited so long before hiring a new esthetician – finding someone with her level of experience, care and skill was no easy feat and yet she did it!  Do yourself a favor, get a facial and waxing with Nazmie who is amazing just like Allison.  Now I no longer need to fear a work meeting that might mean rescheduling and waiting weeks for an available appointment for a facial or waxing – whoever is available will be doing he job (alas I suspect this will be a short lived situation until they’re both flat out).  God I love it when a business runs like clockwork, has staff you don’t have to pick and choose from as they are all fantastic and leave you walking out feeling like a giant marshmallow full of zen love and bliss!  Welcome Nazmie and can’t wait for my next appointment with you – Allison wasn’t available that day but I’m in awesome hands with you and will see whoever fits my crazy work schedule (this right here friends is peace of mind)!  No wonder this is the best day spa in Westchester with consistent 5 star ratings.  It is because the owner, first and foremost, cares about the quality of service every client receives and that you have a consistent experience regardless of who you see.  By the way, love the cute seasonal decor changes that make this place really relaxing and fun.”

Leanne M., Mamaroneck

•  •  •

“Call me meticulous, call me high-maintenance, but the only hair removal method I will ever use for my legs is waxing.  Somewhat of a Mediterranean stereotype, just two days after I’ve used a fresh razor, and I’m due for a shave all over again.  A) I don’t have time for this grooming routine, B) I’ll inevitably cut myself through the third layer of my epidermis when entrusted with a razor in the shower, and C) I loathe all of the painful ingrown hairs and bumps that come with the territory of shaving.

Enter Allison, the amazing woman behind Balance Day Spa.  I really have to admire her work ethic and business acumen – after many years as an aesthetician, she decided to establish her own day spa in White Plains.  She’s truly a perfectionist in how she cares about the experience of her clients and in her ability to do a beautiful job.  It’s not often you find someone who remembers all the tidbits of what’s going on with your family AND does a superb job of waxing your legs AND doesn’t charge a small fortune.  Allison often says that it is difficult to come by an aesthetician who knows what she is doing with wax, and it’s true.  In the past, I’ve had painful, ingrown hairs and there have been times the hair follicle has gotten infected.  But not with Allison!  She is precise and the methods she uses lead to a bump-free, silky smooth existence.  While I was living in Chicago, booking an appointment with Allison was always high-priority whenever I came home for a long weekend or otherwise.

If you need a last-minute appointment, it may be difficult.  Allison is currently the only aesthetician and she is booked weeks and weeks in advance.  She is, however, extremely flexible with scheduling.  There are times where I have been running late thanks to accidents on the Deegan or have had to make an appointment late in the evening, and Allison has been very understanding and accommodating.

Thanks to Balance Day Spa, my legs are silky smooth for weeks (and can avoid being called an “Earth Momma” by one quirky yoga instructor)!”

-Dana F., New York City

•  •  •

“I was in an urgent search for a facial (as my brother’s wedding was two days away and I was in it)!  I found Balance Day Spa on the internet and read all of the great reviews.  I called in to book an appointment but everything was booked.  I realized, after a minute, that I was speaking to the owner, Allison, on the phone.  She offered to stay late one night because I am sure she heard the desperation in my voice!  TALK ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Allison is amazing.  Not only is she personable, but she truly knows what she is doing.  Not once did I feel like she was just trying to sell her products to me.  She has so much knowledge on skin care that I felt so safe in her hands!  I did the Balance Facial and to say my face was glowing is an understatement.  My boyfriend could not believe how fresh, rejuvenated and literally GLOWING my face was.  She literally extracted every blackhead on my face.  When I let her know what I was using as a face wash she told me that a lot of my problems were self-inflicted (did you know that half of those over-the-counter face washes have dishwashing detergent in them?!).  By the end I was practically throwing my money at her because I was SO HAPPY with the results.

Overall, I give Allison a 5-Star Rating.  She is simply AMAZING.  I will be a returning customer for facials and any skin care advice.  I purchased YonKa Paris face wash and face lotion from her and, I will say, my face has NEVER looked better.  GO SEE HER!!!”

-Dana C., New Jersey