At Balance Day Spa we offer eyebrow and eyelash tinting services using only the finest European products.

Eyebrow Tinting- eyebrow tinting is a fabulous way to better define a lightly colored brow.  Color fades naturally within 3-4 weeks of application.  $20.00

Eyelash Tinting- eyelash tinting is a wonderful way to darken the color of your natural lashes, instantly giving your eyes a little “pop”.  Color fades naturally within 3-4 weeks of application.    $25.00

***PLEASE NOTE:  While tinting is generally safe, it can cause a mild to severe allergic reaction in some individuals.  If you have sensitive eyes, have had a reaction to tinting in the past, or are prone to allergic reactions in the eye area, then you should AVOID tinting services.  Should you have any questions regarding the health and/or sensitivity levels of your eyes please consult your physician PRIOR to booking a tinting service.